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Workplace, office or on-site massage

The perfect solution for busy working people

A workplace massage is where the Therapist carries out a head and shoulder massage within the workplace. The head & shoulder massage usually takes place at the persons workstation or designated area and is performed while the recipient is fully clothed. A typical head & shoulder or workplace massage would usually last 15 minutes.  That said, some companies like to provide a more comprehensive service to their staff and offer a private room for the therapist to work from giving the recipient a totally indulgent relaxation therapy.  The more comprehensive treatments will usually be a 30 minute back, shoulder, neck & scalp massage using oils, leaving them fully refreshed and full of vitality. 

There are several benefits to having an on-site massage. Not only do your staff get to have a massage while they are at work, which in itself is rewarding, but they also receive psychological and physical well-being as a result of endorphins being released into the body, thus enhancing their work performance and state of mind.

Most of us carry tension and stress in our upper bodies, causing pain in our shoulders and back. Work related stress can also cause tension headaches and bad posture which can also result in pain in our shoulders and back.  A simple 15 minute head & shoulder chair massage can provide significant reduction of all of these symptoms, enabling your staff to get through the day and fire on all cylinders.

Employers also benefit from providing or allowing workplace massage for their employees because If the employees are reducing their stress levels with simple massage techniques then morale is boosted and health and well-being is improved, thus resulting in employees taking action against the company for repetitive strain injuries, taking less sick leave and significantly reduces work related stress cases.

According to the Health & Safety Executive, the figures for 2011 /2012 reported illnesses caused by work related stress was an outstanding 400 000.  Don't be part of the statistics, book a mobile therapist TODAY!!

Stress cycle

Break the cycle - Improve performance


£60 for the first hour then priced per individual companies requirements.  

We travel within a 30 mile radius of Salisbury city centre with no extra charge.  However, further distances may incur travelling fees.

Payment must be made prior to or on the day unless otherwise agreed. 

If there are no parking facilities or drop off points available then the therapist will only provide workstation massages, unless the company provide a suitable couch to carry out the treatments.

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