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Warm Bamboo Massage

What is a Warm Bamboo Massage?

Bamboo canes that have been specially treated and shaped for massage are heated to a temperature of between 50 - 60° and then used with oil to perform a massage.  This type of massage can be very relaxing due to the warmth transferring to the body aiding in muscle relaxation.  However, therapists that have trained to perform a bamboo massage usually use them for deeper body work as they work well as an extension to their arm and allow them better leverage for deeper pressure. The canes would be used in a rolling or kneading motion to release muscle tension and knots.  As a result of the warmth penetrating deep into the muscle causing them to relax, the therapist is able to massage deeper into the muscle 4-5 times quicker than when performing a manual deep tissue massage.

The concept of using Bamboo canes originated in South East Asia and very recently was introduced to the UK amongst other countries.  The use of Bamboo canes for massage is becoming increasingly popular throughout the country and more and more Salisbury based massage therapists are introducing them in to their Spa's and salon's.  Southern Therapies in Salisbury are excited to be able to introduce you to  this new concept of massage therapy and are sure that you will see the benefits for yourself after just one treatment.

Benefits include:

* Deeper penetration than a sports or deep tissue massage, with less pain and recovery time
* Perfect for sports people and weight lifters as it aids endurance and performance
* Muscle and joint flexibility and improved range of movement
* Reduces pain associated with over worked and fatigued muscles
* Reduces pain associated with fibromyalgia
* Detoxifies the body by excreting toxins and promoting lymphatic drainage
* Increases blood circulation and oxygen flow around the body, nourishing fibres and cells
* Promotes a sense of well-being if used as a relaxation therapy
* Increases energy and vitality and reduces stress