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How To Hula Hoop .......

Start with power - Wind up your hoop fully to one side and give it a firm, fast push on an even plane, then immediately start moving. If you start off with a weak or wobbly push, you will not gain enough momentum to keep the hoop going.

Move in the right direction - Push hips back and forth and avoid circular gyration. Build core stability and strength by pushing your belly forwards when the hoop lands on it, and pulling away with your lower back when you feel it land there.

Be instinctive - Try not to think too much about your movements. It's more about sensation - be aware of where the hoop lands and move in response. Use your hands, arms, shoulders, legs and feet. Avoid looking down and holding limbs rigid. Instead, open your chest, extend and dance.

Save the hoop at all costs - Recover the falling hoop by pumping your hips faster to pop it back up. You can also squat and shimmy to lift it on to your waist. Try different movements to keep the hoop moving - your creativity can build even more dexterity.


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