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Hula Fitness Disco

Dance your way to fitness....

A fitness class designed for men and women of all ages and ability who want to have fun whilst getting fit.  Don't worry if you can't hula hoop, this class is for mixed ability from beginners to hooptastic discotechers.

The class combines hula hooping with aerobics and dance for fantastic fitness and most of all FUN!

Hula hooping aids digestive disorders such as IBS, it tones abs, thighs and bums, it helps with joint problems such as arthritis and especially targets the hips. It aids with weight loss by burning calories and is a very effective cardiovascular workout. By combining hula hooping with aerobic exercise and dance, it is the one stop shop for fitness, targeting chore strength, agility, and all over muscle tone. Dance helps with mobility, coordination and flexibility whilst being able to add a little fun and sexiness into your fitness regime.

According to the daily mail: Hula fitness fans include

  • Kelly Osbourne, Michelle Obama and Beyonce
  • Trainer Jéan LK says hula hooping is a good way to add fun to working out
  • TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburg has declared herself 'hooked' on hula
Hula hoops of different weights and sizes will be provided but feel free to bring your own if you have one. Why not maximize your workout by wearing weighted ankle and wrist bands?  Oh, and don't forget your disco dazzler leg warmers :)

So c'mon what are you waiting for? Contact us now and book a place on our next Hula hooping fitness program.

How To Hula Hoop .......

Start with power - Wind up your hoop fully to one side and give it a firm, fast push on an even plane, then immediately start moving. If you start off with a weak or wobbly push, you will not gain enough momentum to keep the hoop going.

Move in the right direction - Push hips back and forth and avoid circular gyration. Build core stability and strength by pushing your belly forwards when the hoop lands on it, and pulling away with your lower back when you feel it land there.

Be instinctive - Try not to think too much about your movements. It's more about sensation - be aware of where the hoop lands and move in response. Use your hands, arms, shoulders, legs and feet. Avoid looking down and holding limbs rigid. Instead, open your chest, extend and dance.

Save the hoop at all costs - Recover the falling hoop by pumping your hips faster to pop it back up. You can also squat and shimmy to lift it on to your waist. Try different movements to keep the hoop moving - your creativity can build even more dexterity.

Safety advice

Any exercise is not without inherent risks and any exercise may result in injury or illness.  We advise you to consult a doctor before attempting any physical exercise, to ensure that it will be suitable for you.

Hula hooping in particular can cause some bruising around the waist during the first few sessions, especially if you are using a weighted hoop.     The dance steps and/or exercises demonstrated within this class are designed for body toning, weight-loss and fitness but particularly focus on chore strength and agility.  The techniques demonstrated may not be suitable for everyone and therefore it is important that you only partake in what you feel comfortable to do. 


  • Due to the use of flashing lights during the disco session, this class may not be suitable for anyone with epilepsy or light sensitivities.  


  • This class is not suitable during any stage of pregnancy.


  • Due to limited space and motion of hoops please be aware of what space is available around you to avoid collisions wherever possible. 


It is our intent to provide fitness classes that are FUN and this should remain paramount, but please remember that your health is'Your' responsibility.  If you engage in any fitness programmes offered by Southern Therapies Ltd, you do so entirely at your own risk.   We exclude to the fullest extent permitted by law, any and all liability for injuries that may arise from and in connection to any fitness classes provided.  


I understand all of the above and accept full responsibility for my own well-being.  I accept that by engaging in this or any other fitness activity supplied by Southern Therapies that I am accepting full responsibility for my own health and well-being.  I agree to seek GP approval where necessary  before engaging in any exercise programme and will ensure that this fitness programme is suitable for me and my fitness levels.  I understand that I cannot  at any time hold Southern Therapies or any of it's instructors responsible for any aspect of my well-being as a result of partaking in any classes.


Tuesdays - 10 am @ Sarum76 (Martial arts Studio) Brown Street, Salisbury
Thursdays - 10am @ LA fitness Salisbury
Thursdays - 7pm @ West Grimstead Village Hall
Fridays - 7pm @ LA fitness Salisbury

Although not always necessary, due to limited spaces available, advanced booking is preferable to save disappointment on arrival.

All classes are £5 per person and last approximately 45 minutes.